11 lessons on how to find writing abilities from Stephen King


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Stephen King is regarded as one of the best writers of all time due to its great writing skills that always create something new and extraordinary. This excellent book writer has long-time experience with writing novels or short stories and he is considered to be a role model for many inspiring writers.

When you work on your writings, there are number of things that are going through your head and make things harder. Stephen King, at one of his interviews, told that your head should be full of many details and drafts when you write a book. However, he also mentioned a few rules for writers that should be followed. These include consistency, persistence and knowing the subject you are writing about.

As an experienced writer, I was always keen to have a bit of “Stephen King’s personality” in my works. Over the time, I have learned that you can implement some simple lessons in your work to reach at least the “minor-rookie” level of Stephen King’s writing abilities. When asked how to be a writer and have a great set of writing skills that reminiscence of King’s works, you need to have in mind the following lessons.

Choose freedom for your writing

The first and the most frequent mistake of beginner’s writer – limiting yourself to a single genre. Remember to take an advice – there is no limitation in your head which means you can write about fiction, hunting or even space travels if you understand the matter and have some decent knowledge. Do not limit yourself by some of the factors you have seen in movies or series; you are writing your work, so you have full freedom.

Find the best voice for your story

King can foresee what kind of voice is the best for a certain story. You are not King, but you can give a quick look at some of the most famous stories/novels in your genre to get an idea how to start. The voice must meet the story otherwise you will have a story that is not confident and realistic enough. The voice dictates the story and vice versa.

Don’t limit your skills by being yourself

As you already know, some of the King’s earlier works were not published in his real name but rather in his pseudonym. The same goes for you; you are not obliged to put your real name on the publishing piece. I can tell from my own experience that as soon as I started entering in different characters and names, the work became much more authentic and recognized. Be whatever you are afraid to be!

Stop watching television and read a lot

According to Stephen’s suggestions, every book writer needs to read lot in order to see different stories, formats, characters, and details. The writer can improve its creativity and imagination which are the most important aspects of the writing job. Instead of watching TV that kills your individuality and creativity, opt for a good book or look write my dissetation. It does not have to be something from your favorite niche; it can be any other book from different genres. A famous writer said once: “You can find useful words even in the cleaning ads.” You get the point.

Be ready for failure and be ready to learn from it

If you want to write like King does, be prepared for failure. There is a small chance that your first publishing will be a masterpiece. Maybe you will do something wrong, or maybe the readers will not familiarize themselves with your work so you are still a wannabe-writer in their eyes. Still, do your best, be ready for failure but more importantly – be ready to learn from failure.

Write a lot – practice makes things perfect

Write, write and write! And write more! No one became great in its job until he spent hours and hours of working and learning. It is the same with writing – the first few stories will not be outstanding but they will eventually receive their unique and authentic characteristics that will make your name more recognizable in the writing world.

Know your audience

Know who you are writing to. Define the audience so you could set basic guidelines and pinpoints. If you are writing a horror story, there is no point in using a set of words that are used mainly for children’s books. Knowing your audience means to know what word is the most appropriate for a certain situation.

Dig deep down into the matter

Read a lot of material for the subject you write. King said once that he spent months and months on reading the material before he started with writing. What was the result? It resulted in Carrie, the horror novel that received positive critics.

Forget long paragraphs

No one wants to read long and complex paragraphs. Use bullet points and shorter paragraphs to keep the reader’s attention. You don’t want to lose a reader because you packed a single day on a misty mountain full of unexplainable beings into one paragraph that takes the whole page.

Don’t pay a lot of attention to grammar

Grammar is the thing that can significantly influence the overall reception of the book. Of course, you cannot be illiterate but don’t let grammar to spoil your thoughts. You need to seduce the reader to keep with reading not to show him that you know how to use grammar.

Polish your work in the end

Polishing comes in the end when you transfer all your thoughts and ideas into a content. Clarity must be achieved as it is a good bridge between observation and writing. The art of description should be concise but also tempting so your reader starts thinking about the detail you are describing. Visualize what you want to give to the reader and then transfer it into words on the paper.

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