10 Core Ways to Promote Affiliate Links

It is possible to earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing. However, not all affiliate links are equal. Some backlinks generate thousands of dollars, while others barely provide any revenue. Of course, it might concern the product or service you are promoting. However, half of the success actually depends on how you promote your links. There are numerous efficient methods that will help you promote affiliate links naturally and effectively to attract as many viewers as possible.

Ways of Advertising Affiliate Links Effectively

Even beginner affiliates might understand that this is no good to simply share a link somewhere on the page hoping that viewers will be interested in clicking on it. It is essential to present backlinks in an engaging and organic way so they do not feel like spam or links leading to scam websites. Here is how you can incorporate your links successfully:

  1. Reviews – one of the most organic ways of sharing a backlink is writing a product or service review. By sharing your positive experience with a specific product, your viewers might want to check it out and use the link immediately.
  2. Newsletter – in case your visitors subscribe to your newsletter, this means that they are interested in what you can offer. In such emails, it is simple to share various links and useful info without being too annoying.
  3. Tier lists – this is basically a longer version of a product review with more items. When people search for a certain type of product, such as an item of clothing, a home appliance, specific makeup, etc., they prefer reading about different options in one place. You can offer an article full of products in different price categories and add links to them.
  4. Audio podcasts – this format of news and entertainment is incredibly popular these days, and it is convenient to include certain links in the description.
  5. Info pages – if you run a blog about something and always use certain equipment, tools, or products, you can create a separate page with the items you utilize and provide links as well.
  6. Pinterest boards – by gaining an audience on this popular social platform, you can create a client base ready to buy your products and follow your content through backlinks.
  7. Online videos – whether you prefer YouTube, Twitch, or other video-based socials, it is convenient to shale links through your clips or streams. You can advertise products in your vids or simply add the necessary links.
  8. Facebook posts – when people read to the end of an informative post on Facebook, they are mostly interested in using your affiliate link at the end.
  9. Insta posts and stories – Instagram is another insanely popular social app for promoting links in various types of photo and video posts.
  10. Visual content – try using nicely designed banners with links on your blog.

These are some of the top solutions for advertising affiliate backlinks online. Using blogs and various social media opens plenty of opportunities for organic promotion.

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